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Everyone has a unique path in life. Don't be afraid to follow yours and see what wonderful places it leads to!

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The deflationary impact and dematerialization of multiple purchases into a single item allow for many more people to enjoy a whole range of products and services that previously they could not afford to purchase separately. Here are a couple of examples:

- To have access to a broad range of knowledge, it used to cost thousands of dollars to have an encyclopedia set in your home, or required the time and energy to run down to your local library. Now, with Wikipedia, everyone has access to this knowledge on demand.
- If I wanted to get around any large city in the United States, I either had to find a bus or subway schedule, try to hail a taxi, or if I lived there, purchase an expensive car, insure that car and pay the exorbitant garage and/or paid parking rates to actually use that car. Today, I can request my own private chauffeur, on my schedule, utilizing Uber.

And the speed with which these new technologies are becoming available to the average citizen is truly breathtaking.

- It took over 90 years before 80% of US households had a telephone.
- It took nearly 67 years before 80% of US households had an automobile.
- It took nearly 46 years for 80% of us to get a television.
- However, it only took 20 years for 80% of us to get the Internet.
- And amazingly, we are at 80% penetration of smartphones after only 10 years!

The impact that democratization of ideas, knowledge, products, and services has had on our society is truly profound.

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This month we celebrate wet noses, happy tails, and endless love. đŸ¶

What's one of your favorite ways to spend time with your four-legged friend?

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Is decluttering on your list of to-dos? Here's a list of easy things to start with to get things rolling!

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There are five themes that have always been part of the story of technology through the ages but have accelerated dramatically in our lifetime:

1. Democratization Technology has made access to high‐quality goods and services far more pervasive than at any time in human history. The lower and middle class today live far better than the middle class and wealthy of a century ago, and sometimes I think we forget what a remarkable journey this has been.
2. Dematerialization The synthesis of many items into one has made life much more convenient and efficient.
3. Deflation Technology makes goods and services progressively less expensive.
4. Big Data We know there’s an answer to virtually every question we have, the challenge is finding it. Big data allows us to connect and collect vast stores of human intelligence and search for solutions within that data on a scale that is truly mind‐boggling.
5. Disruption What might’ve taken decades and sometimes centuries to unfold in the past now takes a few years. The good news is that solutions to our challenges come much more rapidly than at any time in human history, but it also means individuals and companies must be extremely nimble and constantly evolving to remain relevant.

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Summer is a great time to make sure your first aid kits are replenished and no supplies are expired! When possible, stock your kit with single-use items for an added layer of safety.

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You never have to do one of these ever again! Which one are you picking?

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Technology down through the ages has been the catalyst for virtually all human progress; but with that blessing comes the challenge of disruption, disintermediation, or as Joseph Schumpeter coined “creative destruction” in the short term. This section helps you as both an investor and as a participant in a rapidly evolving economy by helping you anticipate trends and prepare for the inevitable disruptions. While these might appear to be a recent societal challenge, this is far from the case. Previous generations have had to adapt as the economy shifted from an agricultural to a handcrafted industrial focus:

- To the human assembly line model of Henry Ford,
- To the more automated assembly line model first perfected in Japan in the 1970s and 80s,
- To an increasingly service‐oriented economy beginning in the late 50s and early 60s, and
- To the more sophisticated service/technology economy we see today.

Each evolution required the development of a whole new set of skills and an increasingly higher level of education to remain relevant and prosper.
Creative destruction can be described as the discontinuation of established processes to make way for improved methods of production.

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Practicing self-compassion may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about getting motivated. Although you want to push yourself to move forward, it is also important to not get too down on yourself if you miss a goal or have an off day.

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It's yard sale season! Here are a few tips to help maximize your profits and minimize what comes back in the house!

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Over the next 75 years, the federal government has promised benefits to Social Security recipients in excess of anticipated payroll tax revenues equal to $8 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Social Security shortfall will be equal to 0.6% of GDP.
Social Security is something to be paid in the future which allows us to make adjustments in the present.

Potential options include:
A. Changing the taxation of earnings
B. Changing the benefit formula
C. Raising the retirement age
D. Reducing cost‐of‐living adjustments

Or, for example, the government could eradicate the shortfall today by simply eliminating the taxable maximum.

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When the bank lends you money, the loan officer considers the assets against which you are borrowing. Well, what are the assets of the federal government?

Land: The US Government owns 640 million acres of land. That’s 28% of the nation’s total surface and includes 47% of all the land in the west. What’s it all worth? A lot.

Commodities: It is estimated that the US sits atop $119 trillion in oil, $22 trillion in coal, and more than $8 trillion in natural gas.

Military equipment: What are the P‐8A Poseidon and F‐35 Lightning aircraft, the CVN‐78 aircraft carriers, the Arleigh Burke DDG 51 destroyer warships, and the Trident II submarine‐launched ballistic missiles all worth? All US military equipment is estimated at 10 trillion.

Present value of future taxes: The average nominal growth rate since 1980 has been 5.5% annually. If the economy grows at a rate of only 4% for the next 50 years, the economy will grow to be $131 trillion. The US, on average, collects tax revenue equal to 17% of gross domestic product. In this scenario, by 2066, the country will be collecting $22 trillion per year in tax revenue.

In short, the assets and taxing power of the US Government dwarf its liabilities, which aren’t even close to threatening the country’s solvency.

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Do you like taking your workouts on the go? Or are you looking for an entry point into strength training? Make sure you have some resistance bands on hand!

This lightweight piece of equipment is mobile and allows for plenty of versatility in your exercises.

You can use resistance bands for anything from rows, squats, and even deadlifts!

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We are often told that our politics have never been so dysfunctional and the political discourse has never been filled with such vitriol. Is this true?

On July 11, 1804, a sitting (sitting!) vice president, Aaron Burr, shot and killed a former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Today, political attack ads can get pretty intense, but none have ended with any duels on the White House lawn.

Four years earlier, President John Adams and Vice President Thomas Jefferson—the two highest elected officials in the land and founding fathers of the country—squared off in a race for the White House; old‐style civility did not prevail.

*Source: Gallup, 4/30/19.

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Why worry about tomorrow when you should be focused on what you can accomplish right now?

Make the most of every moment and enjoy life!

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Wishing a very relaxing and happy Father's Day to all the father figures who helped to raise and guide us through life! May your day be full of laughter and love!

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Though not all car thefts and break-ins can be prevented, there are precautions you can take to reduce the risk!

These may seem like common sense actions, but when traveling around familiar areas, drivers are much more likely to have their guard down, giving thieves the perfect opportunity.

Do what you can to stay safe and enjoy summer!

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But isn’t a Republican president better for the market than a president from the Democratic party? Not necessarily. In our view, there are far more important factors impacting both the economy and the stock market than which political party happens to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Investors considering waiting until the man or woman from their preferred political party occupies the White House should recognize how that would have worked out in the past:

- A $10,000 investment held in the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1896 to 2018 would now be worth over $6 million.

- Incorporating a strategy where you own stocks whenever your party is in the White House and sell whenever the other party is in the White House would be worth roughly$5 million less!

But wouldn’t we all be better off if the political parties were more cooperative and compromising and could get more accomplished? Again, not necessarily. Historically, the markets have done very well when there has been gridlock.

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Contrary to opinion, we believe the American dream is alive and well!

- Of the nation’s millionaires, more than 80% did not inherit 10% or more of their wealth.

- We all know people who were born on third base but act like they hit a triple. But how common is that? Of the Forbes 400 list, “only” 28% inherited wealth in excess of $50M (i.e., woke up on third base or home plate)!

- The remaining nearly 70% were either born “on deck” from a lower‐ to middle‐class background, on first base inheriting less than $1M, or on second base inheriting more than $1M or substantial start‐up capital from a family member. And turning any of those numbers into over $1 billion is still one heck of an achievement!

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth may help, but it is not the only path to financial success.

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Want to get the whole family in on some outdoor fun? Be sure to add these Top Giant Yard Games to your collection!

- Yardzee
- Jenga
- Connect 4
- Chess and Checkers
- Tic Tac Toe

Perfect for graduation parties or cool summer nights!

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