Insurance & Risk Management

Life has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it? No matter how much we plan, life  continues to bring us both unexpected happiness and challenges. At Alpha Wealth  Partners, we want you to achieve all the happiness possible. One way we can do  that is my reducing your risk and limiting your liabilities. Mitigating your risk against  uncontrollable events such as disability or critical illness is key to your financial security. We want to consider a number of factors:

  • Will your income be reduced in the event of disability or critical illness?
  • If your income is reduced, will it be difficult for you to maintain your lifestyle
    and retirement savings?
  • How much disability or critical illness insurance coverage is enough?
  • What impact will inflation have on your income if you’re unable to work for a
    long time?
  • Do you know if your group benefits provide a provision to allow you to
    continue your retirement savings if you become disabled or suffer a critical
    condition or illness?

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