Our Strategic Approach

With over 50 years of combined financial services experience, Alpha Wealth Partners has built an organization on values of excellence, integrity, and putting clients’ needs first. We provide a comprehensive strategic approach that helps you see your financial picture from a coordinated perspective.

Our Strategic Approach to Helping You:

  • Schedule an Initial Consultation to Evaluate Your Situation & Discuss Your Goals
    Given the recent economic events, now is a good opportunity to review your current financial position professionally reviewed, for no cost and no obligation. Our team of advisors can provide you with an objective summary of our findings.
  • Gather All Pertinent Information Related to Your Financial Goals
    Everyone has different financial goals but most people don’t have those goals clearly defined. We walk every client through a process designed to uncover and clearly identify their goals. By understanding what you want or need, we can define a path to achieve your desired result.
  • Analyze & Process Client Information
    By allowing us to analyze your current financial situation, we are able to process the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to your financial future. From that, we are able to build an objective financial plan you can be confident in implementing.
  • Develop a Financial Plan and Strategy
    Whether you have little money, or have obtained great wealth, we develop a comprehensive financial plan and strategy to meet your goals. Keeping your risk tolerance in mind, we help you find opportunities, even in adverse market conditions, to protect and build your wealth.
  • Execute The Financial Plan and Strategy
    Based on our objective recommendations you choose to implement the financial strategies with which you feel the most comfortable moving forward. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you understand your financial plan and how the strategy will accomplish your goals.
  • Monitor Your Plan
    Our entire team communicates with you regularly as we continue to monitor and measure the progress towards obtaining your financial goal. We implement financial technology which allows you unlimited access and visibility to build greater confidence moving forward.

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